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The Greek Roots of Tropics is Tropikós: It Means "To Turn"

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| Futura Trōpica Netroots | is an InterTropical Network of Grass-Root Local Networks or the lateral flow of local resources and other forms of knowledges, designs and technologies. from a *Tropikós perspective.

As the Wood Wide Web (the way trees are connected through their roots in combination with fungi (mycelium)), Grass-Root Communities in the Tropics are connected inter-tropically in networks for rhizomatic lateral exchange.
These P2P networks use the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) Protocol

Futura Trōpica connects nodes or rhizomes in Bogotá, Colombia —

Kinshasa, DR Congo

— Bengaluru, India

— Joining Next —
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso — Manila, Philippines

Each Rhizome is composed of networks of support and affection and DIY Local Community Networks.

Wifi Local Networks combine with USB Based Distribution Systems similar as the ones present in Cuba or Colombia

Futura Trōpica is meant for the exchange and flow of local resources and other forms of Knowledges,




responding to both our natural and artificial environments

Futura Trōpica investigate responses to the local specificities of each territory and environment exploring the concept of FLOW (Free, Libre, Open, Wild) Systems & Technologies: Mutable Systems meant to be 'misused' or re-appriopriated guided by sparks of 'Magical Hackerism' as the likes of Brazilian Gambiarra and Jeitinho, Latin American Rebusque and Hechiza, and Indian Jugaad among many forms of Tropical Hacking

Redefine through the Tropical Turn our understandings of the Tropics. A region that has historically being undervalued, exploited and overexoticized. How can we redifine the Tropics endoticly? — Introduce the Tropical Belt in the West / East and North / Sout equations to begin breaking the modern dualities and binaries (with embeded hierarchies) we currently live in. Towards Pluriversal Understandings of the Planet: as the Zapatistas in Mexico say, A World where many Worlds fit and coexist

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Redistribute the Networks of Technologies and Imaginaries to reduce the concentrations and verticalities embeded in the way way relate to other humans, other beings, our environments, our planet.

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The Greek Roots of Tropics is Tropikós: It Means "To Turn"

Public Gateway to Netroots

From The Rupture | EYEBEAM